A downloadable demo for Windows and Linux

A graphics program that plays music! Finished after 30 years.

 In 1992, a demo for ATARI ST was supposed to be created, showing pictures from the comic book "Kajko i Kokosz" (Polish "Asterix and Obelix") and playing music from Atari 8-bit games with sampled instruments. The graphic program NIKIFOR 2 was created especially for drawing pictures. The demo was completed after 30 years on the PC in the form of a playing graphic program. Written in BasicC. The program reads ATARI ST / DEGAS image formats. It can be used, for example, to design spites, it has interesting, original functions.

Right mouse button = screen/menu switching

keys , . (<>) = overlapping the grid

Backspace key = Undo

Powiekszenie = zoom in on the selected crate

Wymiana... = color mixing modes

Blok = pasting and cutting fragments: ESC = block selection, arrows, Page Up/Down = change block size




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Wow! BasicC again? May I ask one question? Do you still use RCBasic? 

Rarely. Why would I...?

Oh, I see. If you are still interested in making games in RCBasic, you are very welcome to participate in the 4th BASIC Jam: